Mikayla Simeral, Shared Hope Training Program Manager.

Mik is a Training Program Manager with nearly a decade of knowledge and experience in the field of anti-human trafficking.

Previous to Shared Hope, Mikayla was a Victim Services Supervisor with More Too Life, operating out of the Tampa Bay region, providing services for victims ages 10-24. Before working in direct victim-care, Mikayla served as a Missions Pastor in Washington DC, where she had the opportunity to work in Haiti, Germany, and Guatemala gaining an international perspective on social justice issues. She graduated with her MA in Ethnomusicology from Liberty University in 2017 and recently obtained her MSW from the University of South Florida. Mikayla now resides in San Diego and continues her work developing trainings and tools to support caregivers, youth, and professionals in the field of anti-human trafficking.

Jo is here too…

Jo Lembo is here to maximize your effectiveness in educating those in around you about the the horrors of trafficking, how to spot it, and how to apply legal pressures to your own state lawmakers.

Jo Lembo Director of Faith Initiatives & National Outreach, oversees the entire Ambassador program by creating training tools, and then working with the larger team to expand materials, and develop new resources and assure you can be successful. She helps Ambassadors get started, oversees their private Facebook group, and responds to comments and questions on a daily basis. Jo also oversees Shared Hope’s Faith Initiative to empower the faith community with tools to protect their children, and then to reach out to educate their communities. Jo joined Shared Hope in 2009 as one of their earliest Ambassadors before there was a formal program.